BGAN PTT is a revolutionary push-to-talk solution designed for remote environments. Offering instant voice connectivity globally, it ensures seamless coordination and rapid response. With robust features like group communication and easy deployment, BGAN PTT enhances operational efficiency and safety. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing cost-effective communication for critical operations. BGAN PTT redefines how teams stay connected and informed in challenging conditions.
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Artificial Lift Monitoring

This solution is comprised of market leading wireless artificial lift sensors from Inmarsat’s partners, backhauled by Inmarsat IsatData Pro or BGAN M2M on our ELERA L-band network. ELERA provides military-grade safety and security and is the most reliable satellite network available. Its robust capabilities operate even in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain, where other satcom networks may struggle. Artificial lift solutions like this one are typically used by oilfield services companies operating over large land areas, who require secure data collection, transmission, evaluation and interpretation to optimise the performance of artificial lift systems in real time to prevent failures or shutdowns.
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